Stone cutter

The future of tradition


The future of tradition

“Being a stone cutter for LGMN means to enter into an excellence culture which is transmitted from Man to Man since 1866.”


Tasks and responsibilities

Our stone cutters make architectural elements that they implement on restored building. They also make ornamentation elements such as big tops.

We cut the stones in our workshop or directly in front of the restored work, or in a fairground workshop.

Our missions are very vast and range from the size of a simple block of stone to the complex reconstruction of Gothic bays. The cut elements implementation is done with our masons, which implies that our stone cutter know the masonry and that our masons have stone face knowledge.

The stone cutter is the ultimate builder. Today, apart from the massive stone constructions that remain niche projects, our business focuses on restoration of heritage building and historical monuments.

We use traditional techniques, but we do not shy away from lightening work with new technologies.

Our stone cutting operations are almost invisible to the neophyte, and this is the whole point of a well-done restoration. Our commitment to the sustainability of our know-how drives us to the future.

Our stone cutters are also responsible of their know-how handing on to younger generations.


The future of tradition

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