Restoration and preservation of heritage building, masonry, stone-cutting, carpentry, roof covering, zinc, lead and copper


Closures and Covert restauration of Heritage building.

LGMN is the meeting of two historical and family companies with strong know-how of restoration of built heritage and historical monuments professions. Our approach offers consistent and homogeneous solutions. We support the realization of our customers projects through customized solutions, developed for them and with them, in a valorization spirit.

LGMN is the alliance of know-how, culture, commitment and values. We offer cutting-edge services thanks to our sharpened knowledge for over a century and a half, handed on from man to man and enhanced with new techniques.

Our model is based on a territorial and local location and a long-term vision, always preoccupied by our customers proximity. Our businesses are spread over the national territory and carry their own projects, they are united by the same excellence culture of the heritage service.



Historic and territorial anchoring

Clermont-Ferrand, Murat, Rosiers d’Egleton, St Pourçain and Paris. Each team manages its territory and its know-how. Our homes are deeply rooted in history and national territory.

LGMN finds its roots in the heart of Auvergne, listed in the cultural and heritage landscape, its notoriety exceeds the region. Our business requires a deep knowledge of constructive modes and local materials.
That is why, each of our teams is implemented and conducted locally.

A long term vision for traditional occupations

Technological and economical developments, necessary for the sustainability of our professions, are part of our reflections.

Gesture knowledge remains in our know-how heart, the knack for this cannot be replaced by mechanization. But we are mindful of the technical progress which gives time to give way to essential.

To remain always at the excellence forefront we invest in training, as a first commitment : to perfect the gesture and manage new technologies.



François Pouraud

For more than 15 years, our businesses Louis Geneste and Maurice Nailler have worked together to develop and hang on their values and know-how on different territories, always to offer more to our customers.
Today we group our two spearheads under the acronym LGMN, not without a wink to some French exemplary businesses.

Today, as a paradox in the news the daughters beget the mother, as a consolidator of the past and founder of the future

It is not a new impulse, but an affirmation of our identities under a new brand that carries an union plan, full of our essential notorieties maturity.

Long Live Louis Geneste and Maurice Nailler

Long live LGMN



  • 12 Turnover : €12 millions
  • 80% of private customers
  • 20% of public customers
  • 80 craftsmen LGMN
  • 20 Coaching and customer service employees
  • + de 50 more than 50 trained apprentices in 10 years
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