Since Violet-le-Duc, more than 150 years of experience


The excellence of French know-how

Today, the notoriety of our businesses exceeds their heart region, human qualities and projects mastery are recognized on the national territory.

Louis Geneste and Maurice Nailler Businesses are both EPV labelized. A consecration that rewards performance and the willingness to transmit the know-how of French excellence. Geneste Business is listed in the category of independent and more than 100 years old companies.


We are committed to preserving heritage in its nobility and authenticity. This commitment depends on the expert gesture and gaze backups that make our corporate culture. As a promise to past generations, we are looking for the future generations.


Our business core is to restore and preserve the building and architectural, carpentry and roofing elements. We commit ourselves to restore, preserve in accordance with the rules of the art so that the building soul revives and finds all its superb.

Embody excellence

Because our skills and knowledge are commensurate with our customers demands, institutional or private, we embody the excellence of our trades. The irreproachable work requirement and heritage respect are inscribed in our DNA. Excellence is our credo for the heritage future and our trades.

Hand on and train

The transmission of our know-how is a major stake for the future of our businesses. Because we are involved in heritage back-up, we are directly concerned by the handing on and training that we live as a true mission, an economic and societal responsible commitment.

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