The future of tradition


The future of tradition

“Being a builder for LGMN is quite an art.”

Being a builder for LGMN means entering into a dynamic culture that has inspired us for more than a century.


Tasks and responsibilities

Building Observation and knowledge are the 2 prerequisites for masonry work.

Our expert eye allows us to implement techniques and materials in accordance with the building’s constructive mode, its geographical and historical context.

We work for all heritage buildings, from the bread oven to the cathedral, whether it is a vernacular heritage or an historical monument.

We work for the restoration and implementation of masonry of hourded stone rubble with lime, hard stone ground, marble and terracotta. We work on interior and exterior decorative coatings, ornamentation elements reconstructed in sands and lime, stones grafting ….

We prefer local materials, stones, pebbles, sand, lime, pigments, bricks…

Our masons work closely with our stonemason to implement the cutting elements. Each of them is specialised in his or her discipline and has also transversal competences.

Our sites are very diverse and never identical, they all have their specificities and their stakes. That’s the whole point of this job, never being repetitive, always becoming.

Our interventions are time bound and executed in accordance with art rules, they are made to last.


The future of tradition

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